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Star Trek New Voyages

Below is a link to "Star Trek New Voyages". This is a group of serious people, who are making brand new episodes of Star Trek with the original crew, Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty and the rest. Of course the actors are different, all new people.

The new episodes are available for download only and will not be shown on TV. The are not paying any royalties to Paramount so these are amateur productions and thus are required to be free. That said, this is not some group of Trekkies, with their dad's video camera dressed up in their convention costumes, play acting in the garage. (No email please, Trekkies)

These episodes are very, very well done.

Mark my words. This is the very beginning of a big time paradigm shift. It has already happened with music. TV networks and cable channels take note..... Here be dragons1.

  1"Here be dragons"



more to come




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